Cave Springs Resort, Cabins, Motel, & Vacation Rentals. Dunsmuir, California.
Call Us Toll-Free: (888) 235-2721

Call Us Toll-Free:  (888) 235-2721

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  • Cave Springs Resort, Motel, Cabins, Vacation Rentals

    Spectacular Mount Shasta Views on the Upper Sacramento River in Dunsmuir, California's most historic railroad town.

  • A Historic Resort on the Upper Sacramento River

    Rent a 1920s Resort Cabin, play in the pool, soak in the hot tub, and enjoy free WiFi indoors and out on our 20 acre riverfront property.

  • Cave Springs' Historic 1920s Green Cabins

    Our famous, rustic, green resort cabins have delighted travelers and vacationers for nearly 100 years.

  • Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Out Your Back Door

    Whether staying in one of our vacation rentals, or on the resort, you'll have access to the best blue-ribbon flyfishing in California.

  • Make Your Next Family Vacation A Cave Springs Experience!

    Our riverfront, parkside resort has delighted families for generations.

  • Relax In Your Cabin or Explore Dunsmuir or Mount Shasta

    Explore the Siskiyou region, including legendary Mount Shasta, and historic towns of Dunsmuir and McCloud.

  • Easy Access to Snow Sports on Mount Shasta

    Mount Shasta offers some of Northern California's finest winter activities, including downhill and country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and mountaineering.

  • Spectacular River Front Vacation Rentals

    More Than 30 Well Appointed Vacation Rentals in the Dunsmuir, Castella, and Mount Shasta Area.

  • Stay in Our Famous, Rustic, Historic Cabins

    Our vintage 1920s rustic cabins are a step back in time, on the banks of the upper Sacramento river!

  • Spectacular Views From the Cave Springs Resort

    Enjoy a relaxing holiday in an atmosphere where lasting friendships come easy. Beneath the grandeur of Mt. Shasta you'll find abundant opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Set in an old growth forest on 20 acres with almost a half-mile of Upper Sacramento River frontage, Cave Springs offers a variety of unique, comfortable, and picturesque accommodations.

Cave Springs: Dunsmuir, CA Lodging

We offer the finest Vacation Rentals, Motel Lodging, and Rustic Cabins in the
Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta region.

Welcome to Our Famous Dunsmuir Motel, Resort, and Vacation Rentals on the Upper-Sacramento River!

Cave Springs Resort - Cabins on the upper Sacramento river near Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta, California.Cave Springs is one of northern California's best green motels and resorts! We've made substantial energy efficiency improvements to reduce our resort's carbon footprint and resource use.  A new solar hot-water system heats our pool, spa and laundry water, and we will begin generating solar electricity in 2014!  Modern on-demand hot water sytems supply our resort cabins while using substantially less gas than in the past.  We take stewardship seriously, and plan to continue to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.

Book a Dunsmuir Vacation Rental, Cabin, or Motel Room Today!

We want to help you find the right property for your vacation!  Call us or use our online reservation system.  Select the category of rental you want to book - Motel Rooms in our Dunsmuir Motel, rustic Resort Cabins, or Vacation Rental Properties, and click on the "Book Online" button to see the drop-down menu.  Call us for the best rates, peciual offers and discounts - we'd like to help you decide on the best vacation rental, motel room, or resort cabin for your vacation.  Our new website is being updated daily, so check back frequently, and send us your suggestions.  We've added video walk-throughs for many of our Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta Vacation Rentals!  Register to receive updates, read Louie's Blog, and receive special offers.


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