Every year about this time a few lucky folks at the forest service get to hike up into the mountains around here, actually to a couple of my very favorite summertime lakes, and see: “how deep is the snow?” This information then gets broadcast around the world and somewhere very secret, water managers tell farmers if they will be in business this year or not based on that information. Well, break out the seedlings. We got snow pack this year. Last year, there was 22 inches at Grey Rocks lakes. This year, 134! Average is 80 inches. Around the area it is 143% of normal and water content (there is light snow and there is heavy snow otherwise known as dry or wet snow) is 131% of normal. Read more here:


And the lake? When you cross the Bridge Bay bridge, the Island is almost an island already. The lake looks fuller every time you cross the bridge. True even if you just drove into Redding to shop for the day. Fishing is going to be off the hook (you know me, pun intended) this year! More on that later. Right now there is sunshine, ski week, and snow galore. People are really having a great time on the slopes.