Today Monday, the Ski Park finally has power.  It is not posted on their web site as I write this, but, at this moment, they are in a meeting to co-ordinate re-opening after being shut down for a week and buried by tons of snow.  The Ski Park was closed for what was arguably the best snow of the season, certainly the deepest powder of the season.  There was nothing they could do about it.  Pacific Power was in charge and Mother Nature overwhelmed the repair crews with thick layers of heavy wet snow.  The result was miles of downed power line caused occasionally by the extra weight of the snow itself, but, mostly caused by broken tree limbs and whole trees toppled on top of the power lines.  Most of Mt Shasta was without power for days and some of the power is still off.   When I started this, McCloud just lost power again.  Dunsmuir was powerless for about four hours last week and then only bothered by the occasional outage which shuts down the computer but turns on the TV and Stereo.  In fact, there really isn’t an unusual amount of snow in Dunsmuir.  However, what is here all came at once so we lost a number of trees, some of which fell into and on top of houses.  But, looking outside even after it snowed lightly all night, it just looks like a normal winter.  And the corollary is; Shasta Lake will be full this Spring!