I had occasion to be in San Francisco last week and as I drove through the parking lot at China Beach the sound of the still studded snow tires on our Subaru rattled and echoed in the almost deserted space. I know because the only car in the lot was being used as a mobile repair shop for a local surfer. Being an almost surfer myself ( that is a whole ‘nother story), I stopped to chat. He pointed out that I probably wouldn’t need those studs much in the Bay Area. We shared the laugh. He knew Cave Springs. I told him spring rains had started. Snow was over. I was just remiss in not changing the tires before my trip. Boy was I wrong!

We have been slammed with snow storms for over a week. Those studded tires are the cheapest insurance you can buy in the winter, and since I dodged two otherwise unavoidable collisions, they paid for themselves a couple of times this week. Some snow is just more slippery than other snow. Since the first day of spring we have been off and on blanketed by some of the slipperiest snow of the year. However it is spring, so snow leaves the valley floor quickly. It just stacks up in the hills and mountains. Which is why it is time to go skiing!