Last day at the Ski and Board Park! Yesterday was beautiful for the sliders –snowed lightly all day. Nothing better than fresh snow and who would have guessed it was Easter?! As you can see from the photo, our crew was focused on the river. This time of year with a good snow melt - and we are going to have a good snow melt for all of this spring with the abundant snow pack in “them thar hills”- the Box Canyon run is a Class 4. Not for the novice, but it is a great run for my kids and other folk who stay at Cave Springs. Just put in at the Box and get out at the Cave. Walk up the hill and into your room. Or don’t even go in the room. Just jump in the hot tub! Life is good. Then get a lift back to the shuttle car. In our case we combined the shuttle return with a family outing for lunch. Yep. Lots of family. It is Easter and everybody made it back home to find their Easter Basket. Happy Easter!