There have been years when it started freezing hard at the end of October.  We would put off closing the cabins for the season until at least Halloween or the day after if it was a weekend.  Often, I would procrastinate thinking, or rather wishing, it would not really freeze.  Then about 10 or 11 pm, and once at midnight, I would get nervous, check the temperature, and face the facts.  Freezing is freezing and old pipes and antique sinks and toilets do not like freezing! So I trudged myself out of bed, grabbed a flashlight, donned the winter woolens, and visited each cabin making sure the faucets were open to drain, refrigerators unplugged, the gas valves were shut off, and there was salt or marine antifreeze in all of the plumbing traps.  Moving all the refrigerators off the back porches and into the cabins could wait for daylight.  And thus, another summer would be over at CAVE SPRINGS.  We have done it so often that it is kind of a ceremony more than a task.  Which is why this is a special day for me.  It is half a month later than tradition would dictate and the weather is still balmy.  I mean a seriously balmy 60 degrees - not November temps!  So this is just an arbitrary date coinciding with the last day of the "Hook and Cook" season. ( If you wanted to keep a fish for dinner, today is the last day of this year to do it on the Sacramento River.  Your next opportunity will be the last Saturday of April 2011.)  So today, we will be conducting the Closing of Thee Cabins Ceremony.  But it is special because our nephew, Giancarlo, is working here part time while attending college in Weed.  So “we” is him this year, and he will probably just consider it work!  But for his grandparents, Bob and Lois, and his Uncle Louie and Aunt Belinda, it is a sentimentally gratifying occasion to have one more generation perform the "ceremony".

Now we get to get on with decorating the rooms and putting lights on the cabins that are open for the Winter!  Think Snow!!!!