Louie and Belinda Dewey own and operate Cave Springs Resort, Motel, Historic Cabins, and Vacation Rentals in Dunsmuir, California.

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This is a very informative documentary of the history of Shasta Springs, north Dunsmuir, and the upper-sacramento river.

Reprinted from "Travelin' in Time - a weekly look at historic places or people in the north state."

The location

Castle Stone Cottage Inn, Cabin #3, 29386 Castella Loop Road, Castella

The History

Former UCLA superstar Brian Theriot and his wife, Melissa Crow, own and operate the property. Brian grew up in Castella and used Castella Loop as his private training ground. He knew everyone in the community as did his parents and grandparents (Castella residents) Jim and Hazel Hobbs before him.

He was good friends with Mike Padula, owner of Mike's Place bar, the most popular bar in town.

When the trains pulled into Castella, they stopped right in front of Mike's. The offloading passengers usually headed straight for Mike's Bar.

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So much has been happening here in Dunsmuir that I just have to write you a note.  I keep wanting to call and tell you this stuff as it happens, but then I get distracted by more stuff and the time just slips away.  The dawning of this realization originated with the Tulips you see in the picture.  Early spring, and the new color on the scene just had an amazing cathartic effect after a very long winter.  I was inspired to visit the fish hatchery and Sisson Museum.  My friend, Perry Simms is running the museum now and it has become a "don't miss" attraction if you haven't seen it in the last few months - lots of info on our fish, our water and, of course, horses to the top of Mt Shasta.  But I really went there to talk with the hatchery guys. Good news for Catch and Release fishing in our town; not only are they stocking fish this spring which will relieve the pressure on the native population that reside in the Hook and Cook section (I talked to guys on the river yesterday and it appears there are catchables in the river already), but also, they are trying to switch to triploid trout.  This won't happen right away, so right now they are still stocking regular trout. But soon!

You could look up triploid, but I found this handy explanation:

"When trout spawn, the female’s eggs possess two sets of chromosomes and the male’s sperm possess one set. After the eggs are fertilized, the chromosomes recombine and each egg inherits one set of chromosomes from the female and another set from the male — similar to humans. The third set is then kicked out of the egg. Rarely in the wild, an egg will “forget” to kick out the third set and the fish becomes what is known as a triploid (possessing three sets of chromosomes). Triploid fish look, swim, jump, and taste like normal fish, except for one important difference—they never develop normal eggs or sperm and are unable to reproduce (i.e., they are sterile).

That should take care of the controversy of mixing hatchery trout with native trout.  One side effect of the triploid trout; the females don't have anywhere to put the energy it takes to be pregnant, so they get very large instead! 

But about the Tulips.  They just seem to burst out of the ground even though spring is having a hard time convincing us that it has arrived, analogous to our little town's economy.  Dunsmuir has looked dormant all winter as many store fronts are empty, and others businesses like Sengthong's closed for vacation ( Sengthong went to Thailand).  But behind the scenes, people were working.  The Economic Development committee, with a goal of attracting four new businesses to the downtown area by 2012, created the Traveling Gallery, and has filled empty store fronts with Art.  Even though I knew about this idea months ahead of time, I was completely surprised by the effect. It is really fun!   And one of the empty stores will be a real Art Gallery until that store rents, and then another empty store will become the Gallery.   As you know, we have some real kick-ass artists in this area.

Meanwhile, Don is expanding Sengthong's to restart the retail sauce business Sengthong had while they were in Etna.  You can have a Sengthong Salad dressing or Sticky Rice dip sauce in your own kitchen!  Vince opened the restaurant across from the theater. The Hitching Post is reopening as a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant.  And the Big News, the water bottling company has been purchased. An herb company, Flora, Inc., is going to bottle product there. Eventually they will have three shifts, round the clock work: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!!!

Cave Springs cabins are jammed this Memorial Day and for the first time in my memory, all of the sinks and showers (almost all) have been painted before June.  One personal triumph; Rosewood, a manufactured home that I bought forever ago just to tear it down, is finally gone!  We have replaced it with a really cute RV Park Model with a spa! 

More??  OK.  Shasta Lake is two and a half feet from the top!  Last week Belinda got her MFA, Megan her Bachelors, and D'Arcy her Juris Doctorate.  We got real learn'n at Cave Springs :-)

Hope this letter brings some optimism to your day.  I know it is fun to have new stuff to look forward to when you get here. . .soon. . . Hint Hint 

Cheers, Louie

Giancarlo lifts off and the backdrop is . . . well it is Mt Shasta which is why more words won’t add a thing.

Note: This is the end of a Blog series which makes more sense if you start at the earlier blogs. Go figure.

Then Alden really gets some air. And we sort of take it for granted that everyone knows Mt Shasta in the background, but we should point out that Black Butte is right there under his board as well. Little different perspective for most of us!  If you think you would like to be doing this stuff but you don't know how to Ski or Board, These guys could help you.  They are instructors at the Mt Shasta Ski and Board Park - just taking a day off.

So Alden has to re-pack the jump, but check out the scenery! Spring in these mountains has a lot of winter left if you want to find it.

Giancarlo Anro and Alden Silber have both worked at Cave Springs which is why, if you have stayed here in the recent past, you may recognize the names. Also, Giancarlo is my nephew and will be working here this summer in case you want to meet this high flier. Last Thursday the two of them and Taylor Anderson, another intrepid Mt Shasta boarder, schlepped their boards to the top of the ridge at Castle Lake and hand packed their jump. This picture is of Alden taking off and you can see the divot he kicked out at he went airborne.

This is Giancarlo.

I taught 'em everything they know!  (Only what I taught them was how to clean a swimming pool.  This stuff was all on their own.)

This is a series of Blogs because it is really all about the incredible pictures. Problem is I don’t know how to get more than one picture per Blog. So go to the next blog for more . . .

Last day at the Ski and Board Park! Yesterday was beautiful for the sliders –snowed lightly all day. Nothing better than fresh snow and who would have guessed it was Easter?! As you can see from the photo, our crew was focused on the river. This time of year with a good snow melt - and we are going to have a good snow melt for all of this spring with the abundant snow pack in “them thar hills”- the Box Canyon run is a Class 4. Not for the novice, but it is a great run for my kids and other folk who stay at Cave Springs. Just put in at the Box and get out at the Cave. Walk up the hill and into your room. Or don’t even go in the room. Just jump in the hot tub! Life is good. Then get a lift back to the shuttle car. In our case we combined the shuttle return with a family outing for lunch. Yep. Lots of family. It is Easter and everybody made it back home to find their Easter Basket. Happy Easter!

The Mt Shasta Ski and Board Park had 264 inches of snow at the top!!!!! They could be skiing until July. They could be. However, they won’t be. Which is why now is the time to start the winter over and put the skis or the board back on your feet. You only have four more weekends to take advantage of the great snow, wonderful end of the season entertainment, and really fun special events planned for the next couple of weeks.

Now the roads are all plowed and dry. There is going to be great packed powder to ride on for at least a week while the weather warms up. Then it will turn to more spring snow than you may have ever seen before. With any luck, the annual Pond Skim will have swimsuit weather. Pond Skim? Yes!

Every year at the end of the season the Ski Park creates a water feature by digging a large hole in the snow, lining it with plastic, and filling it with water. And every year, rain, snow, or shine, there are folks who think they can ride downhill fast enough so that their momentum will let them “water ski” across the top of that pond. Some actually do make it across. And yes, that water is not heated. There are award categories for all kinds of effort including best costume. Occasionally, for the more mature contestants, there may be an adult beverage involved. There is always live music. And there is always lots of big splashes!

I had occasion to be in San Francisco last week and as I drove through the parking lot at China Beach the sound of the still studded snow tires on our Subaru rattled and echoed in the almost deserted space. I know because the only car in the lot was being used as a mobile repair shop for a local surfer. Being an almost surfer myself ( that is a whole ‘nother story), I stopped to chat. He pointed out that I probably wouldn’t need those studs much in the Bay Area. We shared the laugh. He knew Cave Springs. I told him spring rains had started. Snow was over. I was just remiss in not changing the tires before my trip. Boy was I wrong!

We have been slammed with snow storms for over a week. Those studded tires are the cheapest insurance you can buy in the winter, and since I dodged two otherwise unavoidable collisions, they paid for themselves a couple of times this week. Some snow is just more slippery than other snow. Since the first day of spring we have been off and on blanketed by some of the slipperiest snow of the year. However it is spring, so snow leaves the valley floor quickly. It just stacks up in the hills and mountains. Which is why it is time to go skiing!

I checked it out. I was going to write about all the Spring stuff that is going to happen: sun, flowers, painting, picnics, etc. Then I walked outside and went back in the house to check the calendar. Sure ‘nuff. This is the “First day of spring”. It is official. The fact that there is 8 – 10 inches of snow in the driveway and more rain and snow on the way just makes it feel like the first day of winter instead. It is still beautiful although unseasonable. Ski season could last till June easily with all of the snow at the Ski Park. However they are going to close on the 17th of April so don’t miss an opportunity to board or ski on some of the best snow of the season. And there may even be some spring skiing before they close if the weather normalizes.

One really great aspect of all of this precipitation is that we have an abundance of water. Shasta Lake is almost full, 11 feet from the top, and the melt runoff hasn’t even started. It is just amazingly beautiful to see so much water in the lake. The real beauty of this large quantity of water is that it has happened without any flooding or even just close to flooding. River levels have been bank to bank full but not to the point where rocks start to roll. When rocks don’t roll, fish find food. They just get fatter all winter long. Catching should be really good this year just for that one simple fact. More about catching (trout) later.



The players: Shannamar is our Daughter. Darin is the boyfriend. Giancarlo is our nephew. 27 for Thanksgiving Dinner, but some play harder than others!  To see more photos, click here...

Thanksgiving Guest Blog by Shannamar Dewey:  How can one beat the feeling of floating on fresh powder while the crisp air polishes your cheeks Christmas-red as your snow-board faithfully glides you down the mountain called home? The only way to make that experience more perfect is the knowing that it's happening at an unexpected and perfect time.

Following a Thanksgiving day full of nearly 30 Dewey's and friends giving the ovens at Cave Springs a thorough work-out, Darin and I chose to take advantage of the cold weather. Dunsmuir was dressed in a layer of snow characteristic of deep winter as we headed out with left-overs from 10lbs of sweet potatoes, a 30lb Turkey and other dishes that survived the Thanksgiving feast. With turkey sandwiches and a thermos of brandy-spiked hot chocolate, Darin and I set off to earn and burn some serious potential energy. In the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, we got fresh lines for three days. We lapped the Ceicilville summit in the back of the pickup with some local Scott Valley boys (whose native dialect Darin was qualified to translate for my cousin Giancarlos and I.) This slope and the corresponding switchback in the road makes a perfect spot to be dropped above and picked up below...we rode till our legs started seizing up and our driver was nearly out of gas.

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Scouted for The Christmas Tree couple of days ago. “Need” a Red Fir, Shastanza ?Manifica to be precise, and they grow at a high elevation. The family will all go Christmas Tree hunting together at Thanksgiving time. I just like to get a head start before the snow flies. Moby, the dog, and I drove up the back side of Mt Eddy and found all kinds of trees. Beautiful trees. Just not the perfect one. So we headed home and found the perfect sunset instead.


Thought I’d drive out by continuing down the road to where it meets the paved road near Gumboot Lake, about 10 miles. Eight miles later I jammed on my brakes and skidded to a stop just a few feet away from a large Doug Fir that had recently fallen and bridged the entire roadway. The mountain was straight up on one side of the road and straight down on the other. Definitely time to back up and turn around. As I was retracing my steps in the now pitch black of early nightfall, I had time to reflect . . .Oh, on many things, but mostly on how bald my tires were, how I should really have taken care of that mysterious oil leak, and about the fact that, come to think of it, I hadn’t seen a soul or passed a car in the five hours since I left Stewart Mineral Springs. Moby didn’t worry about anything except being late for dinner. And what is it about driving out into the forest with your dog in the seat next to you and feeling like you are not alone?! Very real feeling. Pretty stupid too. I thought about how Moby was going to call for help on my cell phone if something bad happened. Then I realized . . . he couldn’t. We hadn’t had cell service in five hours either.

About the snow picture? That is what it looked like out the front door of CAVE SPRINGS this morning. First real snow of the season proving, once again, that yes we can have snow at Thanksgiving time. It just doesn’t happen often. And that's why I scouted trees early. Won’t have a chance to see that sunset view again until end of next spring.

There have been years when it started freezing hard at the end of October.  We would put off closing the cabins for the season until at least Halloween or the day after if it was a weekend.  Often, I would procrastinate thinking, or rather wishing, it would not really freeze.  Then about 10 or 11 pm, and once at midnight, I would get nervous, check the temperature, and face the facts.  Freezing is freezing and old pipes and antique sinks and toilets do not like freezing! So I trudged myself out of bed, grabbed a flashlight, donned the winter woolens, and visited each cabin making sure the faucets were open to drain, refrigerators unplugged, the gas valves were shut off, and there was salt or marine antifreeze in all of the plumbing traps.  Moving all the refrigerators off the back porches and into the cabins could wait for daylight.  And thus, another summer would be over at CAVE SPRINGS.  We have done it so often that it is kind of a ceremony more than a task.  Which is why this is a special day for me.  It is half a month later than tradition would dictate and the weather is still balmy.  I mean a seriously balmy 60 degrees - not November temps!  So this is just an arbitrary date coinciding with the last day of the "Hook and Cook" season. ( If you wanted to keep a fish for dinner, today is the last day of this year to do it on the Sacramento River.  Your next opportunity will be the last Saturday of April 2011.)  So today, we will be conducting the Closing of Thee Cabins Ceremony.  But it is special because our nephew, Giancarlo, is working here part time while attending college in Weed.  So “we” is him this year, and he will probably just consider it work!  But for his grandparents, Bob and Lois, and his Uncle Louie and Aunt Belinda, it is a sentimentally gratifying occasion to have one more generation perform the "ceremony".

Now we get to get on with decorating the rooms and putting lights on the cabins that are open for the Winter!  Think Snow!!!!

The pumpkins came and went and still the leaves stayed green. I tell people every year that if you want to catch the peak color of our five seasons, show up at Halloween. Never fails . . . except it failed this year. And where were those October Caddis hatches? We had a couple of Caddis visit our carport lights, but the October Caddis hatch is all about having to bat them out of the way because they are so thick you can’t walk through the parking lot without them flying in your face. Saturday, both the autumn color and the Caddis hatch appeared in full force . . . in November. And it was glorious. The forest is still evergreen but spots of brilliant orange, yellow and red crop everywhere. In some places your whole field of vision is just saturated with fiery colors. Can you smell the chimney smoke and hot soup on the stove? Walking along a river trail, the flashes of brightly colored leaves in the water are hiding what you just know are gigantic trout feasting on November Caddis and getting even fatter. Autumn is really its own season. Fall may not be far away, but right now it is still autumn, our fifth season. Yes, this may be my favorite time of year.


Sun and Fun. Just too much stuff to take it all in. Weather is so great this last week that we turned the water back on in the cabins. (Now we get to fix all the leaks that developed with the freezes of winter) The fishing was phenomenal with clear water and fast but not flooding flows. Have no idea how the catching was because everyone is SKIING. Beautiful days, cold nights, and great spring snow with super coverage. Sun block required. Shasta kids took the State Ski and Snowboard Championship. It was one of the best state events ever held at the Ski Park. But for us gimps and other non schussers, today the Park has lined up live music at the Black Diamond Grill on top of the hill by the Douglas Lift, AND, Chick Music with Paula Reynolds in the lodge. Paula’s awesome but she tops herself, and I quote her Facebook post, “Special guest Debbie Blackwell will be rockin' the Chick Music scene!” Starts at 4:00. These women can really sing and “entertain” is what flows through their veins. Love ‘em.

Then there is the Après Ski scene in town. Live music at the Vet’s Club in Mt Shasta and a new Spirits Bar in Dunsmuir. And here is a heads-up for Sengthong’s Blue Sky Room. Next week Shanna Morrison is in town but you’ll have to get tickets early. She always sells out.

“Shana Morrison will be at Sengthong's two nights: Friday and Saturday March 26 and 27th. She will have her full band: Calidonia.  Shana is a rocker/soul singer who plays great dance music. She was a backup singer with her father Van Morrison for several years.”

Me? I’m back under a sink fixin’ those leaks and down to the river feedin’ those fish!

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FIVE inches of SNOW this morning.

I forgot. Wayne is retired from Caltrans. He can just stay home if it snows.

Somebody remind me how great this is for the water table.

Oh yea. Almost forgot. Starting a new class. “Ten Ways to Shovel Snow and Enjoy It” If I get ten students, that should just about do it.

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It is just rumor, but my friend Jeremy P. told me that my friend Wayne G. took off his snow tires this weekend. So what? So Wayne worked for Caltrans since I5 was the Oregon Trail. If he thinks he won’t need snow tires, winter is over. Might as well. Can’t skate. Cause you missed the Luau!

The Siskiyou Ice Rink in Mt Shasta closed the season with tropical party last Saturday. Hawaiian attire got you free skate rentals and there were games, door prizes, bonfire, and fun for all. I’ll try to give everyone more notice next year, because most folk don’t even know there is an ice skating rink here.

That party is over, but skiing is outrageous. The big party for Prep ski racers is about to begin.

“ Next up is what amounts to the Olympics for local high school racers, the California Nevada Interscholastic Federation State Championships beginning March 7, also at the Ski Park.
Mount Shasta High finished the season as North I champions in both boys skiing and girls and boys combined snowboarding. Yreka placed first in girls skiing, combined skiing and girls snowboarding. Etna won the boys snowboarding title. The state races are scheduled to be held on Mt. Shasta March 7 to 11.”

Plenty of snow, lots of competition for Olympic hopefuls, and you won’t need chains. Just ask Wayne.

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Every year about this time a few lucky folks at the forest service get to hike up into the mountains around here, actually to a couple of my very favorite summertime lakes, and see: “how deep is the snow?” This information then gets broadcast around the world and somewhere very secret, water managers tell farmers if they will be in business this year or not based on that information. Well, break out the seedlings. We got snow pack this year. Last year, there was 22 inches at Grey Rocks lakes. This year, 134! Average is 80 inches. Around the area it is 143% of normal and water content (there is light snow and there is heavy snow otherwise known as dry or wet snow) is 131% of normal. Read more here:


And the lake? When you cross the Bridge Bay bridge, the Island is almost an island already. The lake looks fuller every time you cross the bridge. True even if you just drove into Redding to shop for the day. Fishing is going to be off the hook (you know me, pun intended) this year! More on that later. Right now there is sunshine, ski week, and snow galore. People are really having a great time on the slopes.


Snow on Sacred Springs


Drove back from Mt Shasta last night and appearing in my rear view mirror was a solid white snow covered mountain, framed by a cloudless blue sky, and lit by a brilliant setting sun. After weeks of storms and clouds, seeing Mt Shasta like that reminds one of why we live here. Later that evening the Ski Park posted the news that the power was back on and they are open today. If you check their website, http://skipark.com/report.html , you can see what 12 feet of snow looks like in their web cams. If you check past images, you can see the sun rise on Mt Shasta. The actual www.shastacam.com is still down from the storm. But if you didn’t already know about Shasta cam, you might want to bookmark it anyway. When it is working, it lets you see the weather, sunrise, sunset, etc firsthand with just one click.

          Good Morning skiers and snowboarders!  The powder is deep and the weather almost perfect with light snow and cold air.  The Ski Park opened with over eleven feet of snow at the top!  They groomed trails and grilled hamburgers for the staff; plowed roads and shoveled stairs for the crowds; and uncorked bottles for the Après Ski affectionados (and professionals, but more on that later).   The crowds that have waited a week for this event braved a winter blizzard and potential road closures to be here first thing in the morning to lay those first tracks of the day.  It is perfect!  Except last night the power went out yet again.  Pac Power has to find and fix the problem . . . again.  The Ski Park is closed. 

Today Monday, the Ski Park finally has power.  It is not posted on their web site as I write this, but, at this moment, they are in a meeting to co-ordinate re-opening after being shut down for a week and buried by tons of snow.  The Ski Park was closed for what was arguably the best snow of the season, certainly the deepest powder of the season.  There was nothing they could do about it.  Pacific Power was in charge and Mother Nature overwhelmed the repair crews with thick layers of heavy wet snow.  The result was miles of downed power line caused occasionally by the extra weight of the snow itself, but, mostly caused by broken tree limbs and whole trees toppled on top of the power lines.  Most of Mt Shasta was without power for days and some of the power is still off.   When I started this, McCloud just lost power again.  Dunsmuir was powerless for about four hours last week and then only bothered by the occasional outage which shuts down the computer but turns on the TV and Stereo.  In fact, there really isn’t an unusual amount of snow in Dunsmuir.  However, what is here all came at once so we lost a number of trees, some of which fell into and on top of houses.  But, looking outside even after it snowed lightly all night, it just looks like a normal winter.  And the corollary is; Shasta Lake will be full this Spring!

Mother Nature blessed us with some water  this last week and the Weather Chanel took note.  Pretty good sized storm blessed us with mixed blessings.  Lots of snow in Shasta and very heavy with moisture content.  Great for filling Shasta Lake, but too much of a good thing for some of the power system in Mt Shasta.   They still don’t have full power as I write this!  However,  The Ski Park should be open tomorrow, Saturday, and the Bookstore, etc will all be open too.  Meantime, if you want to see what that kind of snow looks like, click the link below.

Watch Dunsmuir on the Weather Channel!

Fun to watch, but I’m back to the shoveling. :(  and feeding the fish :)


I want to continue posting Starry’s story until I can locate her family’s blog. Again, Shannamar has an introduction:

To answer a few questions/concerns briefly: These letters are also being posted in a blog set up by Starry's family...  HAS, the hospital I worked from and the home base that Starry will get back to when its safe enough to travel is normally about a 3 hour drive form the PAP airport, along the coast and then up a valley...Hopital Albert Schweitzer is in good shape but overwhelmed with patients...already in dire financial straights, they will have problems with supplies.  You can see their site and updates at http://www.hashaiti.org/.  Starry has posted pictures on her FB page and tried to set them open to anybody, "friend" or not, so if you want to see them they should be accessible.  Most of her images look like many of the ones in the media...

All my best!

Starry begins:

We spent the next day attending to the burial preparations for Manmi.  The crypt where her husband is buried is right in front of the house, and they feared that when they opened it there would be a very bad smell, so they suggested that everyone take a walk while they did it.

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Starry has her own blog now. Here is her last message:

Hi y'all
I've been very comforted by all your responses, and I apologize for not being able to answer all of you, but I have read all your messages and it really does help.  Thank you.  A local news station is putting my updates on a blog, and if you wish to continue to follow, please use that website.  It's very difficult to send out these mass emails, and I don't want to bother anyone that isn't too interested . . .


Starry Dawn Sprenkle

I want to continue posting Starry’s story until I can locate her family’s blog.  Again, Shannamar has an introduction:

To answer a few questions/concerns briefly: These letters are also being posted in a blog set up by Starry's family...  HAS, the hospital I worked from and the home base that Starry will get back to when its safe enough to travel is normally about a 3 hour drive form the PAP airport, along the coast and then up a valley...Hopital Albert Schweitzer is in good shape but overwhelmed with patients...already in dire financial straights, they will have problems with supplies.  You can see their site and updates at http://www.hashaiti.org/.  Starry has posted pictures on her FB page and tried to set them open to anybody, "friend" or not, so if you want to see them they should be accessible.  Most of her images look like many of the ones in the media...

All my best!


Starry begins:

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Most of you already know that our daughters worked in Haiti several summers with a reforestation/empowerment project.  The project was conceived and implemented by research and design of a U.C. Santa Cruz graduate, Starry Sprenkle.  Starry and Shannamar played basketball for the Slugs and were roommates  as well.  I you can't read all of this, please skip to the last two paragraphs.  The 'Live Presidents" want us to donate Dead Presidents and that is good, but if you have some connections or ideas to make it more effective, Thank You!


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The Cave Springs Christmas Tree.  Biggest Motel Christmas Tree in Siskiyou County!“All I want for Christmas is my two ditches dug,

My two ditches dug,

My two ditches dug. “

Which isn’t going to happen because this song is being drowned out by a host of the multitudes singing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” We are pretty happy whichever way it goes. The ditches are for piping for the new solar panels which won’t be all that effective in a snow storm anyway. SNOW is for skiers and snowboarders! The motel is pretty jolly with lots of those folks around.

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Taka a look at the stunning new photo galleries by photographer Robert McClintock!  And if you're a Facebook user, check out Dorota Kreizenbeck's Photos of the Cave Springs gardens here...

Good morning!  First ever Blog!

Last evening was the primo day - first swim at Lake siskiyou!  Wild roses framing the reflected light from the afternoon sun.  Couple of short laps in one of the shallower coves, protected from the wind, and several degrees warmer.  Then an entire evening spent with the Web Master and I still can't make the oneline reservations work the way I want them.  But the website is great.  The store is really unique.  It is based on randon stuff that make, or could make anyone's vacation more complete.

Want to see some of Todd's other sites?  Like Belinda's.  www.belindahanson.net

For a really impressive array of orginal sites, just click on the web master at the bottom of most any page.

Web Design by Todd Lando

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The beginning of the summer season!  Drive safe everyone - we're looking forward to seeing you.  Just a couple of Vacation Rentals and cabins available for last minute travelers...  Book online or call ASAP!

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